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  • Why can't I use the microwave?

Yuquitos is a cheese and cassava starch bread that needs to be cooked like any pastry product and needs uniform heat that reaches the center of the dough, which you cannot achieve with the heat waves of the microwave, if you try it the bread will come out without cooking inside.

  • Why is yuquitos gluten free?

Yuquitos is a cheese and cassava starch bread. Cassava does not contain gluten like normal flours, making it an ideal bread for those who are gluten intolerant.

  • Do you have a diet regimen and want to eat yuquitos?

Yuquitos is a cheese and cassava starch bread, cassava does not contain gluten, additionally the amount of salt is minimal which allows you to eat them without problem or fear of gaining weight because having a high percentage of cheese will help you with an extra portion of protein.

  • Why don't my yuquitos fluff up?

Yuquitos is a bread that needs an ideal temperature to bake, you must keep the oven at 180 degrees, a uniform temperature will make your buns grow correctly, at a lower temperature it will take longer to have them ready, and if you abuse this they can brown on the outside but still raw inside. 

  • Do you have problems with sugar?

Yuquitos offers you its 3 flavors of salt so you can enjoy them without any problem: Mozzarella, Bacon and Pepperoni.

  • How long do my Yuquitos last?

Yuquitos do not use preservatives and need to be frozen, if you store them correctly they will last 120 days without any problem so that you can consume them

  • What are the benefits of cassava bread?


1. Due to its high content of dietary fiber, it helps to reduce triglyceride levels.

2. Improves the response of the nervous system and combats the discomfort caused by irritable bowel due to being gluten-free. 

3. This food is ideal for those who are on a diet to reduce weight, since it is low in fat. 

4. Cassava contains vitamin K that contributes to the formation of bone mass and is used in patients with Alzheimer's.

5. If you want strong hair  and skin free of acne scars, eat this bread.

6. It is rich in minerals such as zinc, magnesium and copper, which provide energy to the people who consume it.

7. Regulates heart rate 

8. Regulates blood pressure

9. The cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties of cassava manage to reduce joint inflammation

10. It has a high iron content which is essential for the creation of red blood cells. 

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